still lifes

protea leucodendronoil on canvas 2005

protea leucodendron
oil on canvas 2005

protea leucodendronoil on canvas 2007

protea leucodendron
oil on canvas 2007

protea leucodendronoil on canvas 2010

protea leucodendron
oil on canvas 2010

protea leucadendronoil on canvas 2005

protea leucadendron
oil on canvas 2005

gladiolioil on canvas 2007

oil on canvas 2007

ranunculusacrylic on canvas 2010

acrylic on canvas 2010

pansy pensamientooil on board 2004

pansy pensamiento
oil on board 2004

aconiteacrylic on canvas 2008

acrylic on canvas 2008

pearsoil on canvas 2011

oil on canvas 2011

unripe bananaoil on board 2003

unripe banana
oil on board 2003

lemonsoil on canvas

oil on canvas

pair of orangesoil on board 2003

pair of oranges
oil on board 2003

two pomegranatesoil on board 2006

two pomegranates
oil on board 2006

five plumsoil on canvas 2010

five plums
oil on canvas 2010

plum landscapeoil on board 2007

plum landscape
oil on board 2007

kissing orangesoil on board 2005

kissing oranges
oil on board 2005

oil painting of half an orange

mandala orange
oil on board




slide monoprint

slide monoprint

profile monoprint

profile monoprint

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